This site was converted to a mostly static web site with a few pages feed by database table to a highly editable data driven website. This site also employes DynamicContent Tools, Persistent Data Objects and RedBox.

What we did: Programming, RedBox, Webdesign, XHTML + CSS

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Website::Cruise Request

Cruise Request was a site designed to help cruise clients and agents by allowing clients to get bids on cruises they desire. This was a very complex site with a client and an agent interface. Click on the thumbnail to the right to take a look.

What we did: Programming, XHTML + CSS

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WebSite::Shiloh MBC

This is a site designed for a local church. Some of the page content is dynamic managed by an administrative interface. All of the videos were produced by us.

What we did: Programming, XHTML + CSS


This is an intranet application originally built for home land security as a tool to help the different agencies practice communication skills in various emergency situations. We worked as a lead to help develop the second version of this application.

What we did: Programming, Webdesign, XHTML + CSS

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